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NEET-Revolution and Tips _ Tricks

NEET : National Entrance Eligibility Test (NEET), the previous day AIPMT is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and the AIIMS MBBS entrance exam conducted by All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi are the two most important national-level medical entrance exams in India.

AIPMT : The All India Pre-Medical / Pre-Dental Entrance Test (AIPMT now replaced by NEET-UG) was an annual medical entrance examination in India. The exam was conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi for admission to MBBS and BDS courses in several medical colleges across the country.

Now that we know what these exams are, Let us take a look at the most famous debate that took place for many years when AIPMT was in picture. Students used to ask these questions about which one is tougher than the other one. Click here to know all about it.

Take a look at these articles to know more tips and tricks about How to score well for NEET.

How Embibe helps you ace your preparations | The ONE way to finish the NEET syllabus on time

Embibe has mentored thousands of students, including the AIR 1, 2 and 3 in IIT JEE in the past two years. And we believe that these following 4 tips to be productive could be the difference between you getting an seat or settling for something you are not passionate about

Other things to keep in mind:

Sleep well: An average person needs at least a good 6 hours of sleep to relax.

Eat Healthy: Always remember health is wealth. And if you eat right you can stay health and hence you can grasp more.

Stay organized: Managing your time is important. You mustn’t waste your time on unnecessary topics. Make a time table to be more organized.

Embibe provides a very comprehensive platform where a student can learn all the concepts of both the medical exams be it NEET or AIIMS. A vast database of practice questions are available where a student can practice and sharpen the skills because “practice makes perfect”. Mock tests at Embibe are very effective as they give detailed analysis with the help of deep data science. These analysis give a student deep insights to know the strength and weakness so that the exam can be traversed comfortably along with high scores.

Tips for buying a food truck

You might be planning to purchase a food truck or to venture into your food truck business dream. Food trucks, just like any other food business have some range of concerns. There are few things you need to know before delving into the food truck listings and getting a vehicle that is right for your business.



Before you buy a food truck, you need to consider what size of the vehicle you should have. Many cities have restrictions on the size of food trucks and parking space sizes.  You should ensure that the vehicle you want buy adheres to the restrictions in your city to avoid having trouble with the authorities.


Once you decide on what size of the truck you want to buy, you should then consider the equipment inside. You can either choose to have an outfitted truck or a custom build vehicle. There are many vehicles equipped with all the kitchen equipment and sanitation systems that you will need to run the food truck business. You can also buy trucks that were not originally designed to use as food trucks and modify them yourself.

Legal issues

Legal requirements and definitions for food trucks vary greatly depending on country and locality. Some of the requirements for food trucks include business and liability insurance, Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration for the truck, appropriate food handling certificates, valid driver’s license and assistant’s licenses for assistants.


Consider the cost of the truck you want to buy and the profit you expect to make. Before the purchase, analyze your funding sources, your projected costs and the benefits after that. If you have an investor, then their funding depends on the type of truck especially if you outlined costs in your business plan. Always seek the advice of financial backers and agents before deciding on which vehicle to buy.

 Always explore your options. Buying new food trucks are very costly. Thus you must be sure that you have the amount needed to obtain one. Used food trucks are considerably cheaper, but you need to keep in mind repair and maintenance cost. Before you take a used truck home, you should be fully informed about it. You should also have a trusted mechanic handy in case of any repairs and breakdowns. Leasing can also be a good option especially if you are not sure if you are cut out for the food truck business. You can lease a truck and try it out before fully diving into the business.