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Best YouTube Video Downloaders – Top 5

Best YouTube Video Downloaders: There are varieties of YouTube Video downloaders available in the market. Every video downloader has its own specification, features, advantages and disadvantages. The best YouTube downloader is one which downloads the videos in the fragments of seconds. It increases the downloading speed 10 times faster than the usual. They download videos in good quality and available on different platforms. Here are the top 5 YouTube Video Downloaders for your PC, iPhone, Mac OS, and android:

  1. iTube Studio

iTube Studio is made for the Mac and Windows, it is the top most YouTube downloader in the market. iTube downloads the YouTube videos faster and supports the downloading frame formats such as AVI, MPG, MP4, MPEG, 3GP, MOV and 3G2. It is easily embedded in the browser like IDM. You can also search the YouTube videos from it and can download them in the other formats like MKA, WAV, MP3 and M4A. It also provides you the feature to record the tutorial videos and TV shows with free of cost. You can also transfer the videos to your iPad, iPhone, Mac or any other Android devices in the desirable format.

  1. Fastest YouTube Downloader

It is the best video downloading accelerator, it is one of the top downloaders available in the market. It can download the YouTube video 600 times faster than other videos downloaders. It provides the facility of watching the YouTube videos from different devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It also provides you the facility of video conversion. You can convert any YouTube video to ant formats like MPEG, DVD, WMV, AVI and MP4. It also provides the error free download that is its one of the amazing feature.

  1. Fastest Tube

It is light weight application use to watch and download any type of video from YouTube. It provides the high-quality videos till the end, the quality will remain same even you play on any other device. The main feature of this downloader is that it provide the facility of filtering the adverts from YouTube videos. It is easily embedded in the browser like Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and google chrome. It can convert the YouTube video to MP4 and FLV frames formats.

  1. YouTube Video Downloader

It is one of the best Video downloader, the key feature of it is that it supports the conversion of the video frames to the other formats such as WMV, MP4, 3GP, AVI, MPG, MP3, WMA, WAV, and AC3. It’s downloading speed is also high. You can drag and drop the video link to the YouTube Video downloader and it can easily detect the linked video and download it. You can use it any platform, iTube iOS also provide the same features as YouTube Video Downloader.

  1. Aneesoft Free YouTube Downloader

The main feature of Aneesoft Free YouTube Downloader that makes it different from other competitors’ software is that it allows you to download the videos from any other websites else than YouTube. It supports the formats like MP4, WEBM, FLV, and 3GP. While downloading the video you can pause and start it at your desire. You can also download multiple videos at the same time.

Is a Managed VPS for me

A managed VPS hosting means that the company that sold you VPS will be managing your VPS for you. The task they do for you include rebooting operations, service monitoring, daily/weekly backups, additional script installations and OS updates. Hardening services and server securing are offered by most many companies. So that means it saves you all the hustles of trying to keep you site up and running. Well, managed VPS hosting cost more that unmanaged VPS hosting but it’s worth it.

Why do I need a managed Virtual Private Service?

The reason why a person would select manage VPS service is to give him/her all the time to concentrate on building the site, manage business, etc. without meeting server issues.

You have faith that an experienced technical support staff and professional system administrators will take care of the server for you. It will save you a lot of time that you would have spent doing the task yourself and ensuring that they run smoothly.  You don’t have to set up a monitoring system by yourself and finding ways to monitor it 24/7 to ensure your site runs always. In the case of any problem, the system administrators and support staff will take care of it quickly due to their experience.


What will be managed?

The kind of service depends on the web hosting company. Different web hosting companies apply different methods. For example unmanaged VPS providers like won’t give you any extra management.

Most of the web host offer these services:

Weekly VPS backup – most web hosts offer this service weekly since doing it daily backup services would require a lot of resources which would mean an increase in price. Most web hosts lower the cost of their services as much as possible to attract customers. These weekly backups are good especially when you can access your server when it’s offline.

Weekly OS Update – with a weekly update of the OS, you will be running the most secure software available. Therefore, your site will always be secure.

Rebooting and monitoring – the system administrators and support staff will take care of your services in case one of the goes wrong. They will restart your server. When all is done for you, you can sleep well since your server would be monitored 24/7.

Installation and troubleshooting – the system administrators, will install custom software and help you troubleshoot a script that gives you problems. It refers to a task that needs less than 30 minutes of administrator’s time.

Can’t I select an unmanaged VPS solution?

The default option is the unmanaged VPS server. All the VPS management options will be your responsibility. If you have enough knowledge in this field or if you employ people to deal with such VPS operations, then you won’t need a managed service. In any other case, it’s good to go for managed VPS service.

What other thing is there?

Each VPS comes with proprietary domain management tool. This tool will allow you to register new and manage the existing domain names quickly. It also offers a wide selection of TLDs that you can choose from when having a new domain name.

Make Use of Custom T Shirt Printing Services to Promote Your Brand

With festive season approaching, most of the businesses are requesting their staff to dress up and enjoy the Christmas spirit. There are number of reasons why you need to invest in t shirt printing services. Promoting your brand is significant to advertising your business, thus offering your staff with printed shirts not just reinforces your brand, but also promotes festive team spirit and assists customers identify your staff, while creating a more trusted image. It has been shown by studies that investment in printed uniform by the company and a constant brand identity can have a great impact on customer as well as employee satisfaction. This study further proves that employees who are involved in the style and design of a uniform tend to have more positive attitude over their work.

With custom designed t shirts, companies can able to promote their product effectively and cheaply. The track record of custom t shirt producers themselves is more than sufficient incentive when it comes to marketers. T shirt printing services are able to produce t shirts according to your requirements. From images to text to patterns and logos, custom t shirt services can develop just what a company wants for its promotional campaigns. For an easy and common product placement initiative, custom t shirts are suitable for businesses of all types and sizes.

Custom t shirt printing services are invaluable for marketers. The printed t-shirts can bring the image of your brand far and wide. From your place of business to normal walkers on the street to your grocery store, there are many places and people that will look at your custom t shirt. Companies throughout the country both small and large are always searching for creative and unique promotional material for their brands. From coffee mugs to pens, promotional products are affordable and effective way of promoting a brand name. In specific, t shirts are more popular with marketers.

Custom printed outfits have become very common in these modern times. They are kind of clothing that are printed as per your style. Custom t shirt printing is cost effective as other types of clothing that can be easily grabbed from market. It just takes for you to put forth some more effort in approaching for apparel printing service that is cost effective but of great quality. There are so many options available out there when it comes to t-shirt and it depends upon your need choosing the appropriate one.

Hard Drive Shredding Techniques – Save your confidential data exposing to day light

If you think that IT world is just a blessing which turns your life into a paradise, then you are mistaken, because it also holds the power to make your life a living hell. Yes, this is what you may encounter due to your negligence. A small technological miracle, once an amazing technological blessing for you, can turn out to be your worst enemy if you don’t know its core art of formation and capacity of holding your secrets. Yes, I am talking about your very dear computer system’s hard drive. It can stab you from your back by giving your secrets to the hackers if you don’t have any data security strategy.

If you think that erasing your browsing history and deleting the files is sufficient for destroying your data, then you don’t know the core art of formation of your hard drive. It is formulated in a way that it holds the impression of your data and hackers can retrieve your confidential files and personal information within few minutes. That is why properly destroying your data is as important as data saving.

Below are given few scientific methods of hard drive destruction, other than hard drive shredding – which are really effective to save you from facing any problem of exposed personal data:


  • Use Powerful Magnets – pull some big guns!

An easy scientific method of destroying your data in hard drive is to expose it to magnet. No, not those magnets which are used to stick tiny fruit baskets to your refrigerator’s door, but those big crane magnets that can hold big cars. Hard drives are formed by a high intricacy of human mind, so hard drive data destruction also needs a big game. For this, you need to go to junk or scrap yard or any other such place where you can find magnet cranes and lifters. The other way is to buy a gigantic rare earth magnet and destroy your data by exposing your hard drive to it.


  • Melt it to nothingness – watch it dissolving!

The other way to destroy your hard drive is to melt it altogether so that no evil hacker can use it against you. It can be done by using a powerful acid, like car battery acid or another acid that can melt the hard drive. It is simple to do as you just need a container, pour acid in it and drop the hard drive in it and…watch it dissolving to nothingness in the acid along with your confidential information. This is quite helpful and effective method as it makes it almost impossible to recover the data.


  • Use Electrolysis – Science vs Science!

Another scientific method for destroying your hard drive, along with the stored data, is to use electrolysis and let the two sciences fight till death. Though, it is a time-consuming method and requires a little bit of the effort, but if you are a curious person and want to see the two forms of science fight with each other, then you really need to apply this technique.

Tips for buying a food truck

You might be planning to purchase a food truck or to venture into your food truck business dream. Food trucks, just like any other food business have some range of concerns. There are few things you need to know before delving into the food truck listings and getting a vehicle that is right for your business.



Before you buy a food truck, you need to consider what size of the vehicle you should have. Many cities have restrictions on the size of food trucks and parking space sizes.  You should ensure that the vehicle you want buy adheres to the restrictions in your city to avoid having trouble with the authorities.


Once you decide on what size of the truck you want to buy, you should then consider the equipment inside. You can either choose to have an outfitted truck or a custom build vehicle. There are many vehicles equipped with all the kitchen equipment and sanitation systems that you will need to run the food truck business. You can also buy trucks that were not originally designed to use as food trucks and modify them yourself.

Legal issues

Legal requirements and definitions for food trucks vary greatly depending on country and locality. Some of the requirements for food trucks include business and liability insurance, Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration for the truck, appropriate food handling certificates, valid driver’s license and assistant’s licenses for assistants.


Consider the cost of the truck you want to buy and the profit you expect to make. Before the purchase, analyze your funding sources, your projected costs and the benefits after that. If you have an investor, then their funding depends on the type of truck especially if you outlined costs in your business plan. Always seek the advice of financial backers and agents before deciding on which vehicle to buy.

 Always explore your options. Buying new food trucks are very costly. Thus you must be sure that you have the amount needed to obtain one. Used food trucks are considerably cheaper, but you need to keep in mind repair and maintenance cost. Before you take a used truck home, you should be fully informed about it. You should also have a trusted mechanic handy in case of any repairs and breakdowns. Leasing can also be a good option especially if you are not sure if you are cut out for the food truck business. You can lease a truck and try it out before fully diving into the business.