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Incredible Places to Visit in Porto

When you think of Porto, there are so many things that you can enjoy as a tourist. The rich architecture and cultural heritage are some of the main attractions of this city. A good number of people have been looking at the map of Porto and have made this their travel destination. The cultural expression, the extraordinary wine and the genuine, charming nature of the residents are some of the traits that have made the place grow in terms of tourist. There are so many places to visit in Porto and get a taste of the rich culture and heritage of its people.

Where is Porto

Porto is a coastal city located in the northwest region of Portugal. The modern bridges and the port wine production are some of the things that have made it famous. In the map of Porto, you will be able to see the narrow streets, cafes, merchants’ houses and so many other attractions. This city flows along the sea shore and the river bank, giving you a great number of charming places to visit in Porto. The green sceneries and appealing esplanades are responsible the immense outdoor pleasures of the city.

When you travel to Porto, you will be mesmerized by the tons of surprises that you will encounter. The city has maintained its conservative and welcoming nature, which introducing contemporary and creative things to offer. Some of the places to visit in Porto are the streets which are loaded with monuments, great architectures, museums and tons of leisure places. There are many shopping areas on the map of Porto, and you will have a whole lot to enjoy. Get involved in the numerous festivals and cultural activities with the main one being, ‘São João’, which is a feast in the city.

You will find amazing places to visit Porto at night for entertainment and pleasure. There city has a whole lot to offer in the form of the nightlife and will cater for all tastes and preferences. Porto is the main gateway to the Northern Portugal and will also lead to the three World Heritage Sites: Douro Valley, Foz Côa, and Guimarães. These are great places that you can visit in Porto, making each moment in the city quite remarkable.

Some of the Best Places to Visit in Porto

The city has a whole lot to offer, some of which are not even captured in the map of Porto. Here are some of the best attractions in this city:

  • Palácio da Bolsa
  • Livraria Lello
  • Casa da Música
  • Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis
  • Mercado do Bolhão
  • Ponte de Dom Luís I
  • Museu da Misericórdia do Porto
  • Igreja de São Francisco
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Understand France and Its Beautiful Cities

Where is France? France is a European country that is cherished by many people owing to its passionate diversity of luxurious amenities and peaceful environments. The approximated is 640,427 square meters with a beautiful and breath taking coastal line measuring 3, 370 kilometers. This size has made it to be 43rd largest country in the whole world thus making it an area of interest to many people. To the Eastern boundaries of France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, and Belgium borders making it to be easily accessible. To the Southern boundaries, it is linked to Spain, Andorra, and the small Monaco. This means that it’s real a marvelous country that has a lot of life in it. Owing to this big size and association with the great countries, there are a lot of places to visit in France.

Top Places to Visit in France

1 Marseille

This is mesmerizing city that is the second largest in the whole of France. Its beauty is epitomized by the white sand beaches along its coastal line, and it also houses a harbor making it a very crucial commercial city for France. The distinguished roman ruins, the idyllic climate, and the unique architectural monuments, as well as the cultural venues, make this place one of a kind. Plan your trip and you would be surprised by how excellent this city is.

2 Lyon

This is the largest City in France known worldwide as a France cultural center where the dignity of France is upheld. Lyon has many tourist attraction sites in each of its districts. Whether you are looking for adventure, beach life or historical utilities, Lyon enshrines all of them. The museum texts, the Vieux Lyon and Place Du Change, are among the best places to be.

3 Paris

This is the capital city of France and is renowned for its fashion styles both for men and women. Being the Capital city, it is like the heart of France because all the country’s administrative tasks are handled here. A peaceful, modern and cool city that displays the true tradition of French people, going for a trip here requires one to plan all the activities he or she is going to do to ensure that no confusion occurs because there are a lot of breathtaking places. The Effel tower, the Louvre, Montmartre and many other iconic, beautiful places are housed here. This makes it among the top places to visit in France.

Looking at the Map of France, Netherlands and Austria do not share boundaries with France but they enhance France’s appearance and make it real appealing. The Mediterranean Sea allows France, to enjoy hot summers where people would be dwelling at the beaches all day long. France is real a pearl of Luxury that everyone who visits it can enjoy.

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The Best Places to Visit in London

The capital city of England, London is one of the most vibrant cities in the whole world. The map of London covers a vast 1,579 square kilometers and it is very important in terms of social, cultural, geographic and political aspects. Most remarkably, the city was formed around the River Thames, which is why most of the major regions of the town were near the ports. Find out the best places to visit in London here below.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is a historic site that has not only protected the inhabitants of this city but also imprisoned quite a number of people as well. It was initially the main fortress of Norman conquerors, and it was built with white stone that was imported from France. The biggest attraction for both locals and international tourists are the beautiful crown jewels, including crowns, scepters and some of the largest diamond cuts in the whole world. The traitors’ gate, beefeaters, ravens and medieval place setting make visits to one of the best places to visit in London wonderfully atmospheric.

London Eye

The London Eye is a 443ft high observation wheel that offers unequaled views of the whole map of London. The Eye welcomes up to 4 million visitors each year, and it is a modern feat of remarkable engineering. In 1999 when it was opened it was actually one of the tallest observation wheels in the world, although it has since been outdone by similar builds in Singapore and China. Nevertheless, if you want to check out where is London from a new perspective.

British Museum

According to the charter of the British Museum, it insists that the museum will continue to be open and free of charge for all curious and studious persons. What makes it one of the best places to visit in London is the impressive diversity of its exhibitions, with over 7 million exhibits, with some being many centuries old. Take time exploring the old relicts of the ancient Greek and Egyptian empires and see the notable cultural achievements of the past. The museum offers an exciting treasure trove that includes objects from around the entire duration of prehistory and human history.

Westminster Abbey

This is a huge gothic church that has been the main setting for all coronations in the English monarchy since the 10th century. It is also the burial place for the monarchy as well as leading statesmen, musicians, poets and scientists. In the map of London, the Westminster Abbey is located on Dean’s Yard, Westminster, and London. The site is a remarkable medieval masterpiece that features stunning gothic architecture, statues, paintings, murals and tombs.

These are only a few of the numerous places to visit in London that you can visit. So make sure you are not in a hurry so that you can delight in all these remarkable sites.

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Learning about Morocco history

Being in Morocco means having fun, relaxing and being enthusiastic. In fact there is not place in the world that can offer you everything that this country has to offer. Since the beautiful landscapes until the hiddest places with many sotires to tell, the Morocco Tour can be the perfect option if you are looking for a different trip.

When you contact a Morocco travel agency, they can show off that this destiny is the first touristic destiny with more than 1’ milions tourists per year. Thanks to the policital, social and economic stability of Morocco, this is a good thing when talking about turism. For this reason, this country is an excelent option as it is listed as the country number one to do tourism.

There are some interesting facts about this country, there are famous characters that have interesting stories and sometimes scary, but this is part of a culture that has been built during the years. The sultan Alaoui Moulay Ismail Ben Cherif has had 888 children that were born and they had more than 550 wives and 4000 concubines. Their children were all men because if they were girls, they will be executed. From their children, only 32 had the prince duties and some of them, the more impatient, order rebellions in order to kill his father and take the throne, but this never happened. So, when you do the Morocco Tour it is not about traveling and discovering places, there is something more; you need to nourish your mind with new knowledge, this is something extra that makes of any experience something better.

A crowded city and curious city as well is Chaouen city. You can visit the city when you are here, and when you get here you will know why this colorful city is so famous. Houses in this city take tourist’s attention. They are blue because the Jewish refugees painted the houses with this shades because they thought this color will take mosquitoes away. Nobody knows the real reason, there are many theories, the city was painted in this way because of the influence of Jewish refugees that came on 1930 and they say they could paint blue houses and streets trying to imitate the blue sky and having a difference from the green color of Islam. Moreover, people say that the tradition extended because the mosquitoes do not like blue (as they do not like water).

Another important thing that people want to know is about the antiquity of the country and how they maintain through the time with the millenary landscapes and cultures. When we talk about things that keep during the time, we are talking about the Moroccan Royal Guard (1088) which is one of the oldest military bodies that it is working, it is always a great thing to see when you are in Morocco.

For this reason – and many other reasons Morocco is the best option if you want a trip full of unforgettable experiences. So, if you want to do amazing Morocco Trips, I recommend you to talk to an agency or look some advice of your friends – if they have been here. I know Morocco has history behind it and it will be really nice to hear all stories and traditions that this amazing country has a secret. These facts may be curious for you but when you get here, everything gets real. There are many things that you would like to know why they are in that way and this is when your mind starts working and you start wondering why, here is when this kind of article are useful for you.

Best Place to Visit in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates is a beautiful combination of modern architecture and  lavish lifestyle. The city is the center of business and government activities while there is no limit of tourist attractions as well. Desert Safari Abu Dhabi is a paradise for adventure lovers while the boat tours and luxurious hotels make Abu Dhabi the best place for families. Tourists from all over the world prefer visiting Abu Dhabi in winter and spring seasons as the temperature gets favorable for adventure and other activities in these seasons. If you’re planning to visit Abu Dhabi then the article is worth reading for you as we are going to mention the best places to visit in Abu Dhabi.

Liwa Oasis

Liwa Oasis is situated 150km south of Abu Dhabi and famous for its mesmerizing landscape. Sand dunes and date farms let you experience the actual culture and lifestyle of Emirates. Desert Safari is full of adventure and thrill. Sand dunes, sand bashing, camel trekking, horse riding, and sandboarding are some desert activities which made Liwa Oasis unmatched in fun. Belly dance and barbeque beautifies the cool nights of the desert while the falcon show gives you unforgettable memories.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a landmark of Abu Dhabi due to its unmatched grace and heart throbbing beauty. Modern design with the touch of old Ottoman architecture proves it the best example of Islamic culture and heritage. The building of the enormous mosque took 20 years and opened in 2007 for public. It can host up to 40,000 worshippers and known as the rival of Taj Mehal in scale and astonishing architecture. White marble, glass-work, intricate gold carving, and spectacular effects stun every eye. Non-Muslims are also allowed to visit the mosque and observe the splendid Islamic culture.

Abu Dhabi Beach

You need to revise your thought if you think that desert Safari Abu Dhabi is the only adventure you can experience in Abu Dhabi. Enjoy water sports and see dusk set over the city at Abu Dhabi Beach. Different cruises operate at different budgets that offer various packages. The 8km long beach is surrounded by various cafes, restaurants, skyscrapers, and children play areas. Take sun baths, see the eye-catching landscape, and enjoy the water fun.

Observation Deck

Every city and state of United Arab Emirates has something unique and appealing. They bare no less than from each other and competitors of one another. Don’t worry if you can’t visit Dubai’s Burj Khalifa due to one or another reason as observation decks at Jumeirah and Etihad Towers Hotels let you experience the same along with high-tea and delicious food. You can view the whole city from the top of these hotels and collect memories for the rest of your life without disturbing your business activities or official meetings. There is an entrance fee for nonguests while the guests can avail every facility within their purchased package.

Emirates National Auto Museum

Get some inspiration from the Emirates National Auto Museum while going to experience Abu Dhabi Desert Safari . It’s a national museum by name but in actual, it’s a vast collection of military vehicles, SUV’s, jeeps, and pick-ups. The owner of the museum is H.H. Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan who has immense passion for cars. Some cars are personally purchased by the royal family member, some are custom-made, and many others are gifted by his friends. The family members use these vehicles for desert tours. It’s not wrong to say that every vehicle has a story and Sheikh considers it embarrassing to just to even think about the sale of his collection.