Hard Drive Shredding Techniques – Save your confidential data exposing to day light

If you think that IT world is just a blessing which turns your life into a paradise, then you are mistaken, because it also holds the power to make your life a living hell. Yes, this is what you may encounter due to your negligence. A small technological miracle, once an amazing technological blessing for you, can turn out to be your worst enemy if you don’t know its core art of formation and capacity of holding your secrets. Yes, I am talking about your very dear computer system’s hard drive. It can stab you from your back by giving your secrets to the hackers if you don’t have any data security strategy.

If you think that erasing your browsing history and deleting the files is sufficient for destroying your data, then you don’t know the core art of formation of your hard drive. It is formulated in a way that it holds the impression of your data and hackers can retrieve your confidential files and personal information within few minutes. That is why properly destroying your data is as important as data saving.

Below are given few scientific methods of hard drive destruction, other than hard drive shredding – which are really effective to save you from facing any problem of exposed personal data:


  • Use Powerful Magnets – pull some big guns!

An easy scientific method of destroying your data in hard drive is to expose it to magnet. No, not those magnets which are used to stick tiny fruit baskets to your refrigerator’s door, but those big crane magnets that can hold big cars. Hard drives are formed by a high intricacy of human mind, so hard drive data destruction also needs a big game. For this, you need to go to junk or scrap yard or any other such place where you can find magnet cranes and lifters. The other way is to buy a gigantic rare earth magnet and destroy your data by exposing your hard drive to it.


  • Melt it to nothingness – watch it dissolving!

The other way to destroy your hard drive is to melt it altogether so that no evil hacker can use it against you. It can be done by using a powerful acid, like car battery acid or another acid that can melt the hard drive. It is simple to do as you just need a container, pour acid in it and drop the hard drive in it and…watch it dissolving to nothingness in the acid along with your confidential information. This is quite helpful and effective method as it makes it almost impossible to recover the data.


  • Use Electrolysis – Science vs Science!

Another scientific method for destroying your hard drive, along with the stored data, is to use electrolysis and let the two sciences fight till death. Though, it is a time-consuming method and requires a little bit of the effort, but if you are a curious person and want to see the two forms of science fight with each other, then you really need to apply this technique.

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