Hiking in Exotic Locales

The world we live in is a beautiful place, and we don’t always appreciate like we should. There are too many things competing for our attention, some big, some small, but we need to remember from time to time how lucky we are to have this miraculous blue planet. Sometimes, you just need to get away from civilization into the pure and beautiful wilderness to remind yourself how lucky you are.

At such times, one way to commune with nature is to go hiking. Hiking is one of the best ways to get back to your roots as a living, breathing part of planet Earth, not least of all because it challenges you. For too long, humans have lived on a version of planet Earth that bends to their will. Sometimes, we need a reminder that we had to adapt to the planet first, and that we’re not above crawling around in the mud. (occasionally literally)

Trekking along an uneven trail through a dense thicket of trees, surrounded by singing birds and buzzing insect that elude your sight is the best way, I feel, to remind yourself that humans don’t own the planet, that other life exists here. Life has existed before us, and it will continue to exist after we’re long gone, and it’s easy to forget that living in human civilization, a seemingly separate world, an isolated world.

If you’re feeling out of the loop with nature, it’s time to take a hike. Grab some friends or family, or fly solo. Bring something to eat and drink and have a quiet picnic in the woods. Get in touch with your roots by walking among those of the trees that give us air to be breathe, and remember to say thank you. Don’t forget that you’re human, though, and take care of your feet with a pair of shoes from The Walking Company.

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