Is a Managed VPS for me

A managed VPS hosting means that the company that sold you VPS will be managing your VPS for you. The task they do for you include rebooting operations, service monitoring, daily/weekly backups, additional script installations and OS updates. Hardening services and server securing are offered by most many companies. So that means it saves you all the hustles of trying to keep you site up and running. Well, managed VPS hosting cost more that unmanaged VPS hosting but it’s worth it.

Why do I need a managed Virtual Private Service?

The reason why a person would select manage VPS service is to give him/her all the time to concentrate on building the site, manage business, etc. without meeting server issues.

You have faith that an experienced technical support staff and professional system administrators will take care of the server for you. It will save you a lot of time that you would have spent doing the task yourself and ensuring that they run smoothly.  You don’t have to set up a monitoring system by yourself and finding ways to monitor it 24/7 to ensure your site runs always. In the case of any problem, the system administrators and support staff will take care of it quickly due to their experience.


What will be managed?

The kind of service depends on the web hosting company. Different web hosting companies apply different methods. For example unmanaged VPS providers like won’t give you any extra management.

Most of the web host offer these services:

Weekly VPS backup – most web hosts offer this service weekly since doing it daily backup services would require a lot of resources which would mean an increase in price. Most web hosts lower the cost of their services as much as possible to attract customers. These weekly backups are good especially when you can access your server when it’s offline.

Weekly OS Update – with a weekly update of the OS, you will be running the most secure software available. Therefore, your site will always be secure.

Rebooting and monitoring – the system administrators and support staff will take care of your services in case one of the goes wrong. They will restart your server. When all is done for you, you can sleep well since your server would be monitored 24/7.

Installation and troubleshooting – the system administrators, will install custom software and help you troubleshoot a script that gives you problems. It refers to a task that needs less than 30 minutes of administrator’s time.

Can’t I select an unmanaged VPS solution?

The default option is the unmanaged VPS server. All the VPS management options will be your responsibility. If you have enough knowledge in this field or if you employ people to deal with such VPS operations, then you won’t need a managed service. In any other case, it’s good to go for managed VPS service.

What other thing is there?

Each VPS comes with proprietary domain management tool. This tool will allow you to register new and manage the existing domain names quickly. It also offers a wide selection of TLDs that you can choose from when having a new domain name.

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