Learning about Morocco history

Being in Morocco means having fun, relaxing and being enthusiastic. In fact there is not place in the world that can offer you everything that this country has to offer. Since the beautiful landscapes until the hiddest places with many sotires to tell, the Morocco Tour can be the perfect option if you are looking for a different trip.

When you contact a Morocco travel agency, they can show off that this destiny is the first touristic destiny with more than 1’ milions tourists per year. Thanks to the policital, social and economic stability of Morocco, this is a good thing when talking about turism. For this reason, this country is an excelent option as it is listed as the country number one to do tourism.

There are some interesting facts about this country, there are famous characters that have interesting stories and sometimes scary, but this is part of a culture that has been built during the years. The sultan Alaoui Moulay Ismail Ben Cherif has had 888 children that were born and they had more than 550 wives and 4000 concubines. Their children were all men because if they were girls, they will be executed. From their children, only 32 had the prince duties and some of them, the more impatient, order rebellions in order to kill his father and take the throne, but this never happened. So, when you do the Morocco Tour it is not about traveling and discovering places, there is something more; you need to nourish your mind with new knowledge, this is something extra that makes of any experience something better.

A crowded city and curious city as well is Chaouen city. You can visit the city when you are here, and when you get here you will know why this colorful city is so famous. Houses in this city take tourist’s attention. They are blue because the Jewish refugees painted the houses with this shades because they thought this color will take mosquitoes away. Nobody knows the real reason, there are many theories, the city was painted in this way because of the influence of Jewish refugees that came on 1930 and they say they could paint blue houses and streets trying to imitate the blue sky and having a difference from the green color of Islam. Moreover, people say that the tradition extended because the mosquitoes do not like blue (as they do not like water).

Another important thing that people want to know is about the antiquity of the country and how they maintain through the time with the millenary landscapes and cultures. When we talk about things that keep during the time, we are talking about the Moroccan Royal Guard (1088) which is one of the oldest military bodies that it is working, it is always a great thing to see when you are in Morocco.

For this reason – and many other reasons Morocco is the best option if you want a trip full of unforgettable experiences. So, if you want to do amazing Morocco Trips, I recommend you to talk to an agency or look some advice of your friends – if they have been here. I know Morocco has history behind it and it will be really nice to hear all stories and traditions that this amazing country has a secret. These facts may be curious for you but when you get here, everything gets real. There are many things that you would like to know why they are in that way and this is when your mind starts working and you start wondering why, here is when this kind of article are useful for you.

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