Understand France and Its Beautiful Cities

Where is France? France is a European country that is cherished by many people owing to its passionate diversity of luxurious amenities and peaceful environments. The approximated is 640,427 square meters with a beautiful and breath taking coastal line measuring 3, 370 kilometers. This size has made it to be 43rd largest country in the whole world thus making it an area of interest to many people. To the Eastern boundaries of France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, and Belgium borders making it to be easily accessible. To the Southern boundaries, it is linked to Spain, Andorra, and the small Monaco. This means that it’s real a marvelous country that has a lot of life in it. Owing to this big size and association with the great countries, there are a lot of places to visit in France.

Top Places to Visit in France

1 Marseille

This is mesmerizing city that is the second largest in the whole of France. Its beauty is epitomized by the white sand beaches along its coastal line, and it also houses a harbor making it a very crucial commercial city for France. The distinguished roman ruins, the idyllic climate, and the unique architectural monuments, as well as the cultural venues, make this place one of a kind. Plan your trip and you would be surprised by how excellent this city is.

2 Lyon

This is the largest City in France known worldwide as a France cultural center where the dignity of France is upheld. Lyon has many tourist attraction sites in each of its districts. Whether you are looking for adventure, beach life or historical utilities, Lyon enshrines all of them. The museum texts, the Vieux Lyon and Place Du Change, are among the best places to be.

3 Paris

This is the capital city of France and is renowned for its fashion styles both for men and women. Being the Capital city, it is like the heart of France because all the country’s administrative tasks are handled here. A peaceful, modern and cool city that displays the true tradition of French people, going for a trip here requires one to plan all the activities he or she is going to do to ensure that no confusion occurs because there are a lot of breathtaking places. The Effel tower, the Louvre, Montmartre and many other iconic, beautiful places are housed here. This makes it among the top places to visit in France.

Looking at the Map of France, Netherlands and Austria do not share boundaries with France but they enhance France’s appearance and make it real appealing. The Mediterranean Sea allows France, to enjoy hot summers where people would be dwelling at the beaches all day long. France is real a pearl of Luxury that everyone who visits it can enjoy.

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