What is a Tabletop Patio Heater?

A tabletop patio heater is a mini version of a free-standing heater. While it can have all the parts that can be found in larger heaters (e.g. ignition system, fuel type), the heat output is much reduced. For instance, a large patio heater can produce up to 46,000 BTUs, but its mini counterpart can only give out 11,000 BTUs.

Tabletop patio heater are extremely portable, so sometimes, they are also marketed as “portables.” They can weigh approximately 3 pounds, and they can measure 36 inches in height.

Add warmth to your patio heater and backyard with the Fire Sense Table Top Propane Patio Heater. It is available in various finishes that helps you to select the perfect match for your decor. It has a simple design that looks great with any decor and setting. This patio heater can be conveniently placed on the table top. It works on propane and has a fuel capacity of one pound. It is highly portable and can easily be moved from one place to another. This heater has pilot light and adjustable heat with the help of knobs. This Table Top Propane Patio Heater from Fire Sense can even be used commercially.

Before considering heater styles and sizes, it is important to explore the unique offerings of each source of energy. Bromic understand that different input styles suit different applications and as the only manufacturer to offer both gas and electric units, we encourage our customers to consider the benefits and limitations of each to enable an educated decision.

As a general rule; heaters fueled by natural gas or LPG are suited to open outdoor areas due to their higher heat output while electric heaters provide heating to a wide variety of applications where gas would not be practical.
A clean-sheet design focused on wrapping exceptional functionality in a shell of sleek, modern design, the Smart-Heat™ range of radiant heaters are aimed at high-end venues and premium locations, enhancing comfort and visual appeal whilst blending with the natural ambiance of the space.
Featuring powerful, yet highly-efficient, elements surrounded by high-quality materials, our range of Smart-Heat™ electric heaters are available in a number of styles that differ not only aesthetically, but also in the style of comfort they deliver visit https://shop.firesense.com/ .

The pinnacle of portable performance
The Portable patio heater brings the revolutionary radiant performance of its fixed gas counterpart to an ergonomically-designed portable platform. Creating comfort over an area up to three times the size of that serviced by a traditional portable heater while fueled by the same single gas cylinder, this unit utilizes directional heating to evenly, efficiently and effectively service any area it is wheeled into.

You’ve seen the brands of mini outdoor heaters. While most run on propane, others are run on electricity. Because of the size and the fuel type, the heat output can also be different. Some can produce as high as 10,000 BTUs while others can produce at least 5,000 BTUs.


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